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23.01.2003 21:42
Welche Maiden Songs wurden Live gespielt! Zitat · Antworten

Hier die Liste:

KILLERS: All except "Prodigal Son."
THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST: All except "Gangland." "Invaders" has been played during their Auckland, NZ 1992 concert, about 3/4 of the way through the set.
PIECE OF MIND: All except "Quest For Fire" and "Sun And Steel." "To Tame A Land" has been played live but a live recording has never been released.
POWERSLAVE: All except "Flash Of The Blade", "The Duellists", and "Back In The Village."
SOMEWHERE IN TIME: All except "Deja-Vu","The Distance Runnder" and "Alexander The Great."
SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON: All. "Only the Good Die Young" played less often.
NO PRAYER FOR THE DYING: All except "Fates Warning", "Run Silent Run Deep", "Mother Russia".
FEAR OF THE DARK: All except "Fear Is They Key", "Childhood's End", "The Fugitive", "Chains Of Misery", "The Apparition", "Judas Be My Guide", and "Weekend Warrior."
THE X FACTOR: All except "Look For The Truth", "Judgement Of Heaven", "2 AM" and "Unbeliever"
VIRTUAL XI: All except "Como Estais Amigos"
BRAVE NEW WORLD: All except "The Nomad" and "The Thin Line Between Love & Hate"
OTHER NON-ALBUM SONGS: "Women In Uniform" (yes),
"Invasion" (yes),
"I've Got The Fire" (yes),
"Total Eclipse" (yes),
"Burning Ambition" (no). (I think).
"Virus" (no)

Up The Irons
Freewheel Burnin
FC, jeff Jas, mir wolle fiere


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