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moostach ( Gast )

19.04.2009 17:35
Flight 666 Ebook : Take your camera Zitat · Antworten
Flight 666 Ebook : Take your camera

Hi All Maiden Fans,

My name is Pat "Moostach" and I am a french Iron Maiden Fan, also member of the official Fan Club and a french board. I am looking for Iron Maiden Fans from all over the world who are going to see this movie FLIGHT 666. At the beginning I create this project from my experience as member of the Fan Club. I initiated this project firstly there. I am coming to you now.

We are going to see all over the world and most important at the same time, more or less, Flight 666. This movie will end an amazing and craziest tour in Maiden history. Once again we, the fans, will meet and I hope you'll take pictures and why not some videos. Even if you're alone. Each of you, with event (or not) tour shirts, in front of the theatre with the flight 666 poster, it'll make a fuckin' pictures gallery !!!

I'll be happy to make an ebook of this incredible event with all your pictures and stories, and if there's enough videos to make a small clip. If people agree I should integrate Sxsw review, Rio, Kensington & other press premiere.

I found a title : Flight 666 The World Tour In a Day. What do you think of it?
Maybe need also some artwork.

I also create a group on facebook : "Flight 666 Ebook project". I'll join also other unofficial maiden Fan club and website/board to cover the maximum countries.

Please fell free to ask or to suggest anything. I'll leave home the 21st, be back home the 24th and should have one or two days to rest a bit. I don't know if I'll have internet at hostel or even the time to do. So don't worry if I don't answer quickly. I'll do it, send email to I will update at least the list on my page, updating on all boards take a lot of time. Thanks to everybody.

What to shoot (suggestions):
Emblamatic monument of the city
Meet up (banner, flag)
Front & inside movie theatre
Poster & adverts
Fans queeing
Aftershow party

What to gather
Press review (newspaper, website, TV)

Who's in ?
You can also contact your friends over the world to join us. If not specified, names are FC members otherwise source website is given.

Carlisle : xX Azrael Xx

Buenos Aires : Maiden_Argentina
AVANT PREMIERE BUENOS AIRES : ironmaiden-maradona
Meetup MELBOURNE : katatoniq + rionmaiden + Eddie's Bitch
Vienna, Linz, Hohenems : Maidenaustria + Maiden Austria United Team
Linz : Tjodalf
Bruges : Illustre
Antwerpen : Frank
Rio de Janeiro : vcarrara
Premiere Rio de Janeiro : Bruno Campos do Prado (
Meetup FC Bulgaria Sofia : Fufy + Dragontear (
Montreal : WhiffleBallTony
Toronto : batkinson001
Hürth : Ironnicky
Ludwigsburg : Tommy
Hamburg : Vielsauf
Bad Oeynhausen : Tschabo + moonchild (
Helsinki : Kirsi
Epinay sur seine : le batteur fou (
Xavier + Phantom of the opera (
St Saturnin : kilik2049 (
Bruay la buissière : iron-maiden76 (
Lyon : Saturne 71 (
Bayonne : jojo (
Rotterdam : helendool
Heerenveen : MaidenHolland
Amsterdam : Jouke
Wrathchild ( (To be confirmed)
Monterrey : yayamaiden
Guadalajara : Entronance
Auckland : krysis
Oslo : drmartens + gemini
Lillehammer : Kjagen
Verdal : Hallstein
Lisbon : Jorge (
Lif (
Bottletopp : Barcelona
Zurich : Aschi666
Bale : Breaker
Birmingham : GhostoftheNavigator
Hartlepool : sas503
Hull : eddies_ead
London Covent garden Meetup : Ironmaiden134 + Debra Colson + Me
Newcastle : GeneralKor + wayne tinnion (to be confirmed)
Portsmouth : Maniac618
Liverpool : Salter1701
Birmingham : tabbythenutter
UK premiere London Kensington : Hickling Be Thy Name
Pensacola : dragonlady474
LA : maidenhead_crazy
Concord, California : riffcaster2112
fort lauderdale : clawsrules21
NYC : devils
Seattle : Eddieline
Mann Chinese - Hollywood : yaya
New Jersey : IronMaiden4life
Houston : Doof94
Coral Spring, Florida : monica666
Tampa, Florida : Nanette
Gusum : Johnny_666
Emmaboda : elusion

For the fans who can't go to see the movies I propose this section dedicated to you. I know how it could be frustating to miss an Iron Maiden event. So why don't you take a funny picture of what you're doing at the same time ? A way to be part of it.
Maiden Mantioba opens the section.

Pictures / Videos files
I prefer to have original pictures and videos than resized/compressed/reencode ones for many reasons. First because you don't loss any datas. It's better to work on original files with editing or encoding software to get the best result. Specially for dark pictures. Original photo files contain also metatada like exif data, always interesting for a photographer, and very useful with catalog tools like Lightroom.
For the pictures I would like to use some in A4 size like in magazine, without enlarging and keeping a good resolution. For example with my Canon A640, a 10 Megapisel compact camera, I get pictures in 3648 x 2736 pixels. I can print a full 31 x 24 cm (12 x 16 inch) picture without any loss. Do the same thing from a 800 x 640 picture or smaller will have no sense.
This is the same for video. With a good encoding tool I'll get a good picture in DVD size, not possible with videos from youtube too much compressed, and above all with a bad ratio.

Archiving files
You can use a file archiver to compress without loss and gather all files in one file, like the free 7zip at See for archiving informations,,

Add text file
It would help me to store your files and make easier the ebook, also to credit everyone and tell a good story. You can download the model"]here[/url] (right click + save under) and just fill it, add it in your directory with all files before sending or hosting it. It contains data and everything could be usefull or you want to tell.

Sending or Hosting files
Iy your archive is not too big, will say under 10 Mo, you can send it, just pm me and I'll guve my email. Otherwise you can host files. To send big files over the net you can use free filehosters like or (see for details). You host files on their "site" and they provide you a link you send to people who can download easily your files. Or if you're more confident in computer/network technologies we can use FTP (file transfer protocol, a peer-to-peer connection, lol) or other solves.
the Clairvoyant Offline

Metal Fan

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19.04.2009 21:41
#2 Flight 666 Ebook : Take your camera Zitat · Antworten

nice idea :)

motocia ( Gast )

13.05.2009 05:00
#3 Flight 666 Ebook : Take your camera Zitat · Antworten

Hello from Costa Rica I saw here the special twice at the movie theather, i have a some videos and pictures of the concert from costa rica, you can view some of them on my page on youtube feel free to send me a message from the youtube page


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