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 The Final Frontier Tour 2011
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12.06.2010 07:18
Pre-order The Final Frontier: 5,99€ Thread geschlossen

El Dorado Update / Pre-order The Final Frontier

Demand for Maiden’s free download of the forthcoming album track EL DORADO has been phenomenal.
So much so, we regret that some visitors might have had trouble in accessing the site during the first couple of days.
Now the traffic has eased off there should be no problems in grabbing your download if you haven’t already done so.
Don’t forget we have an exclusive offer to pre-order a digital version of the album at a very special price.
Grab it while you can as the offer closes Monday 21st June.

The upcoming new studio album THE FINAL FRONTIER was recorded at Compass Point Studios in Nassau.
Producer Kevin “Caveman” Shirley reports “Each of the guitar players has a very much more distinct sound on this record.
The textures sound quite different to each other. It’s nothing that I’m doing any differently, it’s what they’re doing differently,
a spectacular landscape they’re painting for themselves”.

10 tracks and 76 minutes of Maiden Metal in overdrive.

"If you like our kind of music - God bless you; if you don't like our music - you know what - God bless you, too!"


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